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"Each dream that we help come true, contributes to the enrichment and betterment of our communities." - Annie Barber - CEO


By focusing on nurturing, love, and leadership we aim to improve the lives of men, women, and children in our communities. In providing housing support, education, career development tools, and community resources demonstrates our strong commitment to enhancing their quality of life and promoting self-sufficiency.

Rosaleana’s ILP helps young adults successfully transition into adulthood.  ILP's successful transition includes maintaining stable and suitable housing, remaining free from illegal involvement, and participating in an educational/vocational program. 


Rosaleana's Community Development Center is delighted to present our mission to provide compassionate care and support to our clients with developmental disabilities. We have successfully developed a program that fosters the life and social skills necessary for our clients to become a successful citizen. 

Rosaleana’s Community Development Center, Inc. provides:


  • Youth Mentorship programs

  • Qualitative Care for the Developmentally Disabled

  • Community Living Alternative

  • Assistance for the homeless and disadvantaged families

  • Food Assistance

  • Transportation Assistance

  • Health & Wellness Programs


By showing care, our mentors and caregivers give our clients hope for a better life and more reasons to smile,  RCDC works with several local and federal organizations to foster treatments that offer hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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