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Rosaleana's provides housing and supportive services to emancipate foster youth ages 18-21 that have been abused, neglected, and that are homeless or have the potential of being homeless due to living in temporary unstable housing.  For many of these young adults, family support is not available and community support is not sufficient to prepare them for success as independent adults. The program will reduce the risk of homelessness, and early education failure among the clients served.

RCDC CCI ILP Rosaleana’s ILP  helps young adults successfully transition into adulthood.  ILP's successful transition includes maintaining stable and suitable housing, remaining free from illegal involvement, participating in an educational/vocational program, and developing the life and social skills necessary to become a successful citizen.  The program will work not only with the young adult who are “aging out” but will also work with the families and support systems of these young adults to ensure a more successful transition. The program will reduce the risk of homelessness, poverty and illegal behavior among the young adults we serve.

Rosaleana’s Community Development Center, Inc. also has a mentor program. Rosaleana’s Community Development Center, Inc. assists young adults in all programs, in locating a mentor to support them on their journey to adulthood. Mentors are more than friends to the young adults served in Rosaleana’s programs. They are often the only visitor and the first positive adult role model the young adults served ever had. By showing they care, mentors give the young adults more reasons to smile, work on their treatment and hope for a brighter tomorrow.

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